Unified platform that enables highly secured and human centric, trusted transactions between businesses and their virtual users

Unified Transaction Portal - no more legacy siloed systems

  • Consolidates core services (Communicate, Authenticate, Sign, Pay)
  • Provides a singular UX across any protocol + our unique optical channel

Human Factor Authentication - the user is the password

  • Enables real-time ID assurance with a comprehensive AI based Trust FW
  • Assures privacy with personal information always under user control

Quantum Secure Ecosystem - future proofed security

  • Augments protection against classical and quantum computer attacks
  • Interoperates with existing security infrastructure (CypherShield)


Service and user device mutually authenticated using state of the art PKI and optical cryptography


User profiles allow full control over ID, biometrics, and sensitive information so no data is left behind


Sensitive transactions requiring traceability are logged with a time and geolocation stamp

CypherEye Platform Services

Cypher Authenticate

Unified authentication solution to access any service or device without requiring any user credentials

Cypher Communicate

Privacy-first messaging, voice, video and information exchange protected by Human Factor Authentication and Quantum Secure Encryption

Cypher Sign

Robust electronic signature offerings without any changes to the actual signing process

Cypher Pay

Payment gateway for on-line and POS terminals to eliminate fraud and stolen credentials

Our Products

CypherEye Trust Platform

A Unified Platform for Trusted Transactions

The CypherEye Trust platform consolidates the core cybersecurity services (strong authentication, secure communication, robust signatures, and contactless payments) critical for most interactions between an enterprise and its virtual users.

CypherEye Platform SDK

Embed CypherEye into your mobile apps

CypherEye can plug into your mobile applications for eFinance, eHealth, eEducation etc. to augment your interactions with your users. Service provider can easily embed these services into your branded platform platform without investing in in-house resources

CypherEye HFA SDK

Embed trust into your mobile apps

CypherEye ID Trust SDK augments biometrics with Human Factor Authentication that provides programmatic access to multiple types of behavioral and environmental  and analytics and a real time trust score that can run passively in the background ensuring constant human identification and a seamless user experience.

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