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About CypherEye

CypherEye envisions and delivers on the future of a trusted cybersecure world by simplifying and safeguarding the life of the user and the service provider.
Based in the Silicon Valley and led by a proven team of entrepreneurs, executives and security professionals, we are an evolving portfolio of companies with deep IP for the next generation of cybersecurity solutions.

Please learn more about our portfolio company CypherShield, focused on deploying our comprehensive Quantum Resistant platform for IoT, communications and blockchain based tokenized assets.

Our Team

  • Roustem
  • Asim
  • Aman
  • Rustam
  • Amrish
  • Robert
  • Jay
  • Avtar

Roustem Akhiarov


Roustem has a proven track record of significantly growing bottom-line performance through development and implementation of cutting-edge technology systems. Prior to CypherEye, he was the co-founder and technology officer of several hardware/software companies and has more that 30 years of experience in the computer-technology industry. Roustem has BS and MS degree in Physics and Applied Nathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and post-graduate study in Applied Mathematics at Institute of Control Sciences (Russian Academy of Science).

Asim Abdullah

Founder and CEO

Asim has over 30 years of experience in the technology industry including senior leadership roles at Taligent, CommerceNet, Veo and CommerceOne. Asim was also a General Partner at Viventures and GA Capital, and currently through his personal fund AIMZ. Asim has a BS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, and an MS degree in Engineering Management from Stanford University.

Aman Khanna

Chief Product Officer & General Manager, CypherEye

Aman has 20+ years of experience across global technology companies and hyper-growth startups. He founded ThumbSignIn, a venture-funded cybersecurity SaaS platform for identity and strong authentication scalable to 10MM+ users. His earlier entrepreneurial venture, Collegefeed experienced rapid growth before being acquired. Aman helped scale Geodesic, one of India’s fastest growing startups, from $20M to $120M+ in less than 4 years. At Microsoft he was a Product Manager for Onecare used by 100MM+ users. Aman holds masters degrees from Stanford and Carnegie Mellon.

Rustam Islamov

Chief Scientist

Rustam has a PhD in Nuclear Engineering and one in Mathematics with experience in post-quantum encryption, information security, stochastic processes and probabilistic risk assessment. He has project experience at Brookhaven, Pacific Northwest, Idaho, Argonne National Laboratories, the European Commission, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Sandia National Laboratories and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Amrish Chaubal

Chief Innovation Officer & General Manager, CypherShield

Amrish is a performance-driven and strategic thinking business professional with 20+ years of experience in product innovation & development and business consulting. His passion is to build products using emerging technologies – Artificial Intelligence AI/Machine Learning, Big Data and Security – bring the product to market, and drive the company’s growth through corporate-level strategy, product development, and business consulting. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania, focusing on Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Finance, and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Robert Keith

Chief Technical Officer

Robert has been CTO and founder of multiple security and cloud product companies, participating in the initial architecture of Azure and Office 365, including private deployments in the US governmental security departments. He was awarded over 40 sole patents in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Security technologies, 21 of which were acquired by Microsoft.

Jay Bartels

VP Business Development

Proven technology executive, investor and advisor with successful experience leading the planning and execution of emerging, user-focused, and revenue generating products. A multi-year track record spanning large enterprise software, biotechnology and B2B companies including Collabrx, Webify, and CommerceOne. Jay Bartels has served on public and private boards and was educated at Stanford and UC Berkeley.

Avtar Sehra


Avtar has 15+ years experience in leading complex r&d and commercializing projects in financial services and deep technology; has held a number of senior FCA regulated roles in investment execution and asset custody. He founded Nivaura, a pioneer in the crypto world. Avtar has a masters in theoretical physics from Imperial College London, masters in computational engineering and a PhD in particle physics.

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