Cypher Authenticate

Low Powered IoT Data Security

Cypher Authenticate

Misused, abused and stolen passwords are the leading cause for expensive data breaches. Increasing complexity and multiple resets is an overhead for the enterprises and a major headache for the consumers. In addition, disparate systems exist for on-line and physical access. 

CypherEye provides a unified authentication solution to access services and devices without typing in or exposing any credentials (user names, passwords and biometrics) during logins, employee identification and public services.


Resource Constraint IoT future proofing

Credentialless Authentication

Easily log in to all of your favorite online services without using a passwords. Supports our air-gapped optical channel, NFC and BLE

Works on existing infrastructure and network protocols

Security Assured

Anti-databreach technology is designed to be resistant to advanced hacker tactics including phishing, MITM and replay attacks

IoT Operational Efficiency

Simple UX

Never worry about forgetting, recovering or resetting your password again. No more cumbersome typing. No more OTPs

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