CypherEye Platform SDK

Embed Cyphereye into your mobile apps

CypherEye can plug into your mobile applications for eFinance, eHealth, eEducation etc. to augment your interactions with your users. Service provider can easily embed these services into your branded platform platform without investing in in-house resources


Proogrammatic Access

All capabilities of the CypherEye trust platform available to be readily integrated Into your own application.

Multiplatform Support

Available to developers on Android, iOS, Windows Mac and Linux) OS platforms to enable integration with a wide variety of apps.


Flexible Deployment Model

Deploy in-house, on private cloud or use our hosted service. Either ways the security and privacy of your communication is assured with our unique endpoint encryption.

White Labeled Solution

Take advantage of the fully customizable UI to meet your specific branding needs.

Highly customizable solution

Use our app or integrate our capabilities into your own app using our SDKs and APIs .


“Cypher Shield may be considered as a breakthrough approach in post Quantum cryptography developed to substitute RSA, ECC and other approaches to key exchange, identity verification, and authentication…”

Dr. Timour Paltashev

Executive Manager at AMD Radeon Technology Group

“The technology is sound, and I see it as a new approach to key exchange”


Stanford University

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