CypherEye Trust Platform

A Unified Platform for Trusted Transactions

The CypherEye Trust platform consolidates the core cybersecurity services (strong authentication, secure communication, robust signatures, and contactless payments) critical for most interactions between an enterprise and its virtual users.

CypherEye Platform Services

Cypher Authenticate

Unified authentication solution to access any service or device without requiring any user credentials.

Cypher Communicate

Privacy-first messaging, voice, video and information exchange protected by Human Factor Assurance and Quantum Secure Encryption

Cypher Sign

Robust electronic signature offerings without any changes to the actual signing process.

Cypher Pay

Payment gateway for on-line and POS terminals to eliminate fraud and stolen credentials

Platform Components

CypherEye SuperApp

CypherEye is your portal into a safer, cyberworld.  A single, mobile super-app based on our core technologies of universal access, human factor assurance and quantum security, delivers our core services and those offered by our partners for trusted transactions. Available on IOS and Android platforms.

The CypherEye Transaction server

Enterprise strength authentication server which can be deployed as an on-prem server or as SAAS. It connects the enterprise’s virtual users through ADFS and uses industy standard SAML protocols (with more integrations coming) to authenticate the user. A multi-tenant will be available soon service for SMEs.

The Cypherye Trust Server

is operated by CypherEye to manage the ecosystem of users and service provider without storing any privately identifiable information. Its core functions are to:
  • manage the  multiple devices for users (on-boarding, changes, upgrades etc.)
  • allow users to discover and on-board with new services
  • enable service providers to manage their relationship with CypherEye as well as the core services they register for and be notified if the user status changed
  • to identify bad actors and behavior across our ecosystem  through AI based constant monitoring across users (compromised devices)  and service providers (fake actors)


“Cypher Shield may be considered as a breakthrough approach in post Quantum cryptography developed to substitute RSA, ECC and other approaches to key exchange, identity verification, and authentication…”

Dr. Timour Paltashev

Executive Manager at AMD Radeon Technology Group

“The technology is sound, and I see it as a new approach to key exchange”


Stanford University

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