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This guide describes the SAML integration process of WinKK Passport to be used for the authentication as the Identity Provider in GSuite for the web based applications (like Gmail or Calendar).

WinKK Passport Configuration

  1. Open, login with your profile, and open the Applications tab.
  2. Add a new application:
  • Name – doesn’t matter,
  • URL – doesn’t matter, can be for example,
  • Interface – SAML2,
  • Authentication type doesn’t matter,
  • Audience –,
  • ACS URL –
  • with YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME replaced to your own domain name. For example,
  1. Click Save.
  2. After these steps the application id will be generated and located next to the Application header:
  1. Make sure to create a profile with a verified email in the WinKK Passport mobile app to be used for authentication.

G Suite Configuration

  1. Log in into the Admin Console at (
  2. Type your domain name and make sure that “Admin Console” is selected in “Access to” section.
  3. Click “Go”.
  1. At the admin console page choose “Security” section.
  1. Then choose “Set up single sign-on (SSO)”
  1. Find and check “Setup SSO with third party identity provider” section. Provide the following data for the Identity Provider configs:
  • Sign-in page URL,
  • Sign-out page URL
  1. With YOUR_APPLICATION_ID replaced to the actual application ID, obtained during the WinKK Passport configuration,
    Verification certificate – download IdP certificate. Use, or specify your own IdP certificate if you using Standalone Winkk Passport.
  2. Click Save.
  1. After that your G Suite domain users can login into the web based applications (like Gmail or Calendar).
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