CypherShield Quantum Resistant Platform

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Enabling Quantum Safe Security – Today

Quantum resistant Platform Ecosystem to future proof your critical information


Quantum Resistant Key Exchange

Exchange of asymmetrical and symmetrical key

Quantum Resistant Encryption

Highly efficient algorithms to protect any data in motion (data exchange)

Quantum Resistant Certification Server

Endpoint authentication to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks

Quantum Resistant Data Signatures

Confirmation of data being sent by the source

Cyphershield Quantum Resistant Data security capabilities
Cyphershield Quantum Safe Data security benefits


Software based solution

No specialized H/W or special cabling required

Interoperable with existing infrastructure

Envelope rather than rip and replace

Agile and scalable

Low latency and low bandwidth and works with any data link (IP, Bluetooth, NFC etc.) and any device


Comprehensive quantum secure platform

Focused set of SDKs for low powered needs (IoTs/sensors), communications and data-at-rest

Co-exists with current infrastructure with little overhead

No rip and replace the existing infrastructure with little operational overhead

Multiple deployment models (private, cloud, blockchain)

Configurable and customizable set of SDKs for on-premise, cloud and blockchain based deployments

Based on Quantum safe crypto algorithms

  • Uniform system of undetermined Diophantine equations
  • Random Distribution of variables (white noise)
  • Hilbert’s Tenth problem (no algorithm for hacking)
  • Quantum Computers provide no computational advantage
  • Cyphershield Quantum Safe Data Security features

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