Low Powered IoT

low footprint encryption solution that not only protect these resource constrained devices from current attacks but also withstand the future attacks that are seemingly possible with the advancement in Quantum computing.​

Low Powered IoT Data Security

Securing low powered IoT devices and sensors

Active IoT devices number to grow from 10B+  in 2021 to ~25.4B by 2030. These use existing internet infrastructure to connect physical objects such as appliances, vehicles and more.

Massive amounts of data generated mostly unencrypted because IoT devices (e.g.  beacons, RFID sensors) are constrained by low power needs (longer battery life). Standard encryption protocols such as RSA, AES perform poorly due to the key length requirement.​ The unencrypted traffic flowing through these devices allows the hackers to steal (harvest now – decrypt later) or manipulate the data. ​


Resource Constraint IoT future proofing

Future proof security

Robust security against existing and future security attacks

Works on existing infrastructure and network protocols

No rip and replace

Works on the existing network protocols such as 5G, TCP/IP, UDP, Infrared, Bluetooth, NFC, MQTT​

IoT Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency

Reduced operational cost related to security –no/low physical security needed​


Data encryption SDK

Low powered
Encryption SDK

Comprehensive quantum secure platform with focused set of SDKs for low powered needs (IoTs/sensors), communications and data-at-rest

Quantum resistant Key Exchange

Quantum key exchange​
(software based)

Ability to securely exchange the private/public keys using a post quantum tunnel

Quantum resistant Key Certification

Quantum resistant key certification server

Validate network endpoints to prevent man-in-the-middle attack

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